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ETC Core is the leading Ethereum Classic core development team.


From fundamental specifications, tooling suites, and resources, we deliver open-source tooling for the Ethereum Classic ecosystem. We strongly believe in cross-chain compatability and implement that philosophy in our projects. You can use many of our tools on any EVM-based blockchain.


We actively support the long term development of the ETC protocol. We do this by championing improvement specifications to adoption and maintaining Multi-Geth.


We are commited to maximizing the capabilities of the EthereumStack through our EVM-LLVM project and compiler improvement initiatives.


Built with code, coffee, and love

Coming Soon

Acconut management tool. 🔏

ETC Status

Real time status of ETC network.


A Geth client with multi-network configurations

Eserialize 🥣😋

Tool and module to serialize values.

Jade Desktop

A desktop app to manage JSON-RPC services.

Expedition 🧭

Open-source block explorer for EthereumStack


Service Manager for JSON-RPC services.

Kotti Faucet 🚿

Authenticated faucet for free test EthClassic


EVM backend for LLVM infrastructure.


Standardized Ethereum JSON-RPC API


JSON RPC 2.0 API spec.



  • Q1

    Our Humble Beginnings

    ETC Labs launches an ETC core dev team.

    +75% more core developers.

    ECIP-1054: Atlantis network upgrade proposal.

    ECIP-1053: OpenRPC to JSON-RPC services proposal.

    Network supervisor (etcstatus.live).

    ELK stack config for Geth clients.

    SputnikVM improvements & passes ETH test-suite.

    Released OpenRPC & complementary tooling.

    Progress toward JIT Compiler & LLVM EVM Backend

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  • Q2

    A Network Rises

    - ECIP-1054 accepted and fork scheduled.

    - GethClassic improvements & fork readiness.

    - MultiGeth no longer near echo of upstreams.

    - OpenRPC implmentation in MultiGeth.

    - Pristine CLI and various app templates.

    - Jade Service Runner & other Jade Suite releases.

    - OpenRPC upgrades and Playground features.

    - jade.builders, pristine.builders, and ethclassic.dev

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  • Q3

    Atlantis Hard-Fork successful

    Jade Explorer released.

    Jade Service Runner UI released.

    ETC Summit 2019 speaking

    OpenRPC Inspector released.

    OpenRPC and Jade Suite improvements.

    Preparing for Agharta hard-fork.

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  • Q4

    Glorious plans TBA

  • 2020

Our Amazing Team

We're proud to have prominant developers in the space.

Constantine Kryvomaz

Lead IoT Developer


Lead Client Developer

Shane Jonas

Co-Lead Tooling Developer

Stevan Lohja

Technology Coordinator

Zachary Belford

Co-Lead Tooling Developer

Alan Li

Lead Compiler Engineer

Talha Cross

Client Developer

Zane Starr

Tooling Developer

Tomasz Zdybal

Client Developer

While it's a priviledge to have such a wonderful team, we thank our collaborators and wonderful community.

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